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After completing CBT you will be able to ride upto a 49cc if you're 16 and upto 124cc if you're 17+. We offer CBT courses 7 days a week and our courses are fully inclusive of Bike,Helmet, jacket and glove hire.

All CBT session's  Start at 8AM so we ask all students to arrive at 07:45 Am so we can start on time!

Please remember to bring your photocard Licence and obtain a passcode from View my Licence from :https://www.gov.uk/view-driving-licence

T's & C'S Finding us FAQ's Who are we Apply for a Provisional Licence
Once you have your driving licence or counterpart you can book your CBT, you must remeber to bring both parts on the day and also wear strong shoes/boots, jeans and a strong jacket!
We will lend you a helmet and motorcycle Gloves.
CBT Course element A.

Introduction including a chat on helmets and safety clothing plus eyesight check. This is were you will meet your instructor and get a good idea of what your day is about.

CBT Course element B.

Off road Training including machine controls, stand use, basic maintenance, wheeling the machine and starting/stopping the engine. So this is were the fun begins but the great bit come's next!

CBT Course element C.

Off road training including pulling away and stopping, breaking, gear changing, observation, slow speed riding, u-turn, emergency stop and OSM PSL (left and right turn procedure), this is it your riding!

CBT Course element D.

On road training here we cover thirteen subjects including road position, speed, anticipation, Highway Code and attitude. We are nearly on the road just got to cover some theory.

CBT Course element E.

Finally we go out on road for two hours and will learn how to deal with roundabouts, junctions, traffic lights, gradients, bends, obstructions, pedestrian crossings and we will do another u-turn/emergency stop on road.

C.B.T. is a training course for complete novices, first introduced in 1990 it was designed to give learner motorcycle, scooter and moped riders the basic skills to go and ride safely on the road on their own.The C.B.T. course is divided into 5 elements:

You are expected to be able to do everything in an element before proceeding to the next one!

 you cant fail just have to take a little longer to reach a competent level.


Upon succesfull completion of your course you will be issued with a DL196(CBT certificate) which validates your provisional entitlement to ride a Motorcycle, Moped or Scooter on the road on your own!!! remember you must display L-Plates front and back of the machine, cannot carry passengers and must not use motorways. If you do not take and pass a full motorcycle test in either A, A1 or A2 categories within two years you will need to re do CBT to carry on riding on the road.


The only exception is a full category b(car licence) holders

If you passed your car driving test before 1 February 2001 you can ride a moped without completing compulsory basic training (CBT).

If you passed your car driving test on or after 1 February 2001, you must complete a CBT course to confirm your full moped licence. This means you won’t have to take CBT every 2 years to continue riding a moped.

If you already have a CBT certificate and then pass your car test, you can ride a moped without L plates without taking the full motorcycle test.  In this case the CBT certificate for riding mopeds will last for as long as your car licence.

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